This January, Falkus Joinery is proudly celebrating 60 years of joinery excellence and services as industry leaders as joinery manufacturers. Established in 1957, as a family run business, they lay down their roots in Shoreditch and never looked back.

The Joinery has stood the test of time and we believe that this success is due to the workshops unwavering passion for joinery, a fierce investment in people, and dedication to responsible purchasing at all costs. This careful consideration leaves us feeling confident that we’ll continue to uphold this long-standing trade and thrive.

A brief history of Falkus Joinery

Founded by the Falkus brothers as an independent joinery, the company later joined forces with the Jerram family to create a global superpower… well maybe not quite. But the successful partnership has certainly been a benefit to both companies and allowed us to cover a broad range of sectors and prosper over the years.

Take a journey through the decades and discover our combined history with the Jerram Group. We hope that you find this just as interesting as we did.


The future

Looking back it’s clear to see that we’ve come a long way and we’re thrilled to see that traditional joinery is a trade that continues to flourish in this increasingly digital age.

It’s difficult to see what the future has in store for us but we look forward to what may come and to celebrating the next 60!