Falkus Joinery recently formed a partnership with The Change Foundation, in a bid to combat the industries increasing skills gap. Collectively our aim is to up-skill, mentor and provide work placements to vulnerable communities and help tackle unemployment and bridge the gap.


The construction sector is one of the UK’s leading economic drivers. However due to the boom of the digital age fewer people are opting to pursue a career in manual work. This has caused increasing strain on development and on specialist services such as joinery and metal workers. In our bid to secure the future of the industry, Falkus Joinery formed a partnership with The Change Foundation (TCF).

The Change foundation is an award winning charity that primarily focuses reducing knife crime and gang violence in Hackney. TCH aims to engage vulnerable youths through sports and employment training and helps them find local apprenticeships. Over the last couple of years the foundation has developed a nine month programme that prepares young people for work.

Innovating solutions to bridging the skills gap

Desperate to find innovative solution we are opening our doors to offer mentorship and training to their course graduates. We hope that in time we will be able to help developing core skills as well as build confidence, realise ambitions, and provide goal orientated guidance.

This week we met with the graduating class and celebrated their success at the Street Elite Summer Festival.  

Street Elite are a division of The Change Foundation and offers a unique programme that offers mentoring to help youngsters find their voice and find their feet in the employment market.

The festival was a huge success and was attended by The Berkeley Foundation, previous graduates of the scheme, as well as a host of children from local borough schools. The attendees were also treated to a surprise guest appearance from legendary heavy weight boxer Frank Bruno. Being a proud ambassador Frank inspired the crowd with his story of his determination and struggles to the top. Despite his iconic status, it was encouraging to see that Frank’s story echoed many similarities with that of the graduates. We hope that this helped enforce the message that with hard work and fierce determination all obstacles could be overcome.    

It was a humbling experience to meet the graduates and affiliates of the charity and we look forward watching the scheme develop and break down barriers for work.

For more information on the scheme you can visit our page and find out more.

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