I noticed that you often refer to drawings as rods. Why is this?

Although we have a fully stocked and state of the art workshop, we still prefer to use a blend of modern and traditional technics to guarantee the best design and finish. One such example is in using a traditional method for setting out.  This is the point where drawings have been approved and the various components have to be machined and cut in preparation for the joinery to assemble. At this stage, we may use a ‘rod’ ( a length of wood, i.e. a rod, with all the actual 1 to 1 measurements and dimensions marked clearly). The machinist will use this to set out the work and we believe this to still be one the more accurate ways to begin a job

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How much involvement will I have in the design?

This is entirely up to you. During the design-build process, we will require client approval of all drawings before we begin manufacturing.  Throughout the process, we always welcome your input and a encourage all clients to visit the workshop to ensure that they at 100% satisfied with their item[s]

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Will you arrange delivery?

Yes, we will arrange delivery unless you wished to do so yourself or picked the item[s] up personally.  If this is the case please make it clear as soon as possible

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There appears to be some change in the items size since I received it

Working with natural, sustainable materials will often involve a small expansion/shrinkage. This is completely natural and we will take this into consideration at the design and build stage

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The item you supplied seems to be a slightly different colour to what I was expecting

We pride ourselves on using only the very best sustainably source materials. However natural materials can occasionally display inconsistencies with regards to its colouring, texture and finish. This natural discolouration is an associated risk when using timber. We believe this adds character, however, if you have any concerns please speak to us as soon as possible.

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What materials do you typically work with?

We’re experienced in working with a vast range of sustainable timbers including hard and softwood, as well as joinery grade materials including metal, glass, upholstery, and sheet material. If you’re looking for something more specialised just let us know and we’ll look into it

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Is there a minimum contract value?

During busy periods we may impose a minimum order size, regardless please get in touch. if we are unable to assist you with your project we will do our best to recommend an alternative joinery

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What are the prices and how do you cost work?

Each project is unique and therefore prices will vary from project to project, however, we will always guarantee a fair market price and are always transparent with fees.

On occasion we can provide budgets, however, these budget are not capable of acceptance, but rather a figure designed to confirm an approximate value until we can confirm the price with an official quote.

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What’s the typical lead time for a job?

From the date that the drawing has been approved the lead time will be approximately 4-6 weeks. We work hard to ensure that all deadlines are met, however, if you have any pressing timeframes please do let us know so that we are able to prioritise urgent works

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What’s the process for submitting drawings for approval?

The Company approves drawings using the A, B, C status concept.

  1. No further comments to be submitted
  2. Comments noted and to be incorporated prior to fabrication
  3. Significant comments, re-submit revised information

ABC status stamp

Please note that the company are not liable for any delays, or associated costs incurred if drawings are returned with comments without confirming the status.


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What does a site survey involve?

Once the client’s drawings have been priced, our site team will carry out the survey and measure the necessary areas. If applicable, amendments will then be made to the drawings and issued for construction and manufacturing will begin. If further revisions following the survey are required, additional costs may occur. In this instance, we will advise and notify the client for approval

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How long is my quote valid for?

All quotes will be valid for 30 days after the date of issue. However, if this needs to be extended, please get in touch and we will assess this case by case

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What joinery services or works do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive list of services that cover a broad range of sectors; see our services page for a full breakdown. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just drop us an email at info@falkusjoinery.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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We hope that we were able to answer your joinery related questions however if you have any additional queries, get in touch.

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