Client: TwentyTwentyone/Childsply chair
Designer: Robin Day
Project type: Supply and demand
Joinery requirements: Custom wood chairs for mass production
Address: London

The client

Due to a lack of well-designed furniture TwentyTwentyone (TTO) felt that it was important to delve into this sector and create a custom made chair with a simple design that could be mass produced efficiently using only a single sheet of plywood. After much planning project Childsply was born, to highlight the gap in the market.


Do these custom wood chairs look familiar?

If you’re wondering where you might have seen this chair before, you’ve got it. It is of course from the 1999 Robin Day, The Childsply exhibition. Robin Day is renowned for many of his designs but is perhaps most well known for his Polypropylene stacking chairs that fills schools and hospitals up and down the country. At the time this was seen as an ingenious invention and was made to mass production.

Original design

The original design for the chair was leased to TTO by the Robin Day trust, with incredibly strict terms, stipulating that the design needed to be replicated exactly, right down to the very last detail with no deviation.


A spanner in the woodworks

Despite being a simple design and cutting pattern the project proved to be more complex than first anticipated, and so the design team called upon the assistance of the Joinery and commissioned us to produce an initial batch of 50 chairs, solely for internal use, but with a view to mass produce the custom wood chairs in the UK.

Knowing that The Child’s Ply Chair had to be cut from only one sheet, leaving very little waste. Falkus Joinery gathered their best joiners and produced an assembly line production method that allowed us to create 50 chairs in batch at one time.

Although this was a small requirement, there was a lot of thought and skill that went into the production and the clients were pleased with the results.

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