Client: Nickelodeon London store
Architect: Smart Design Group, Vancouver, Canada
Project type: Bespoke joinery
Joinery requirements: TV frame and till area
Address: 1 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA


The client

American children’s television company Nickelodeon had set their sights on opening their first European flagship store in Leicester Square in 2015. They leased 4000+ square feet of prime real estate to feature merchandise and memorabilia from beloved beloved brands and shows. But with all of that space at their disposal, they were going to need a little help to fill it.

The process

The client had asked the joinery to build a bespoke orange TV frame and till area. Being huge fans of the company already, we excitedly got to work.

Using a combination of material and techniques Falkus joinery designed, built and installed a 3.1×2.1 metre media frame to surround the television display unit.

Custom made media unit frame

The results

It was constructed using MDF subframes with a construction foam core to reduce weight, plywood patresses and using five different Orac Décor profiles to create this bright regency style ornate mirror.

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