Client: WAWA
Designer: Richard Ward
Address: 1 Ezra St, London E2 7RH

WAWA timber ready to be assembled .JPG

The Joinery was approached by WAWA to replicate their iconic rocking chair to produce the to Working using the using the designers original drawing we worked to replicate the existing chair.

WAWA rocking chairs blurred close up .JPG

We applied modern joinery techniques by moving the machining onto the CNC to maximise the production. This also allowed FJL to add the makers mark to each chair.

The design itself required no altering which is unusual for such a complicated thing as a desk chair. Often we alter the design to sort out known issues but on this occasion, nothing was required which is a testament to its design.

WAWA rocking chairs in the workshop .JPG

The designer had always used America Beech when making the chairs and beech, being robust but also warm, is still ideal and we felt that this didn’t need changing.

WAWA rocking chairs logo close up .JPG

What we did amend was the finish. We used a specialist 1 cost system called Monocoat from Rubio. This is a wood protection system that works on a molecular level.

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