Client: WAWA
Designer: Richard Ward
Project type: Custom made furniture | Mass production
Joinery requirements: Rocking chairs 
Address: 1 Ezra St, London E2 7RH

WAWA timber ready to be assembled .JPG

WAWA rocking chairs blurred close up

The client

WAWA is a high-end bespoke sofa and chair manufacturer, who work with a mix of both modern and traditional materials. Each piece is uniquely tailored to complement their clients’ individual style and flair.

When WAWA launched their modern folding rocking chair design they struggled to find a manufacturer that could mass produce this complicated design efficiently and affordably.

Joinery requirements

It was then that WAWA approached the Joinery and tasked them with replicating their iconic rocking chair. So using the designer’s original drawings we hit the workshop and began works on replicating the existing chair.

We applied modern joinery techniques by moving all machining to the CNC machine to maximise the production. This also allowed Falkus Joinery to add the makers mark to each chair.

WAWA rocking chairs in the workshop
WAWA rocking chairs logo close up


The design itself didn’t require any altering which is unusual for such a complicated design. When working with chairs we often come across common design flaws but on this occasion, nothing needed to be altered which is a testament to its design.

Known for its robust yet warm qualities, we agreed that the American Beech would be an ideal timber for this project as it provides both quality and longevity for the user.

The results

for the finish, we used a specialist one cost system called Monocoat from Rubio. This is a wood protection system that works on a molecular level.

Both client and joiner we’re satisfied with the end product and as a result, we have continued to enjoy a healthy working relationship and continue to manufacture their chairs.

The client was so happy with the end results that they even produced this video to document the process.

handmade wooden chairs

We hope you enjoyed reading about our latest project. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any upcoming projects – get in touch today.