Responsible purchasing

Falkus Joinery recognizes our responsibility to the environment and sustainability and is committed to reducing our environmental impacts through responsible purchasing. Therefore, we ensure that all of our timber is either FSC or PEFC certified – to ensure sustainable forestry management and its supply chain.

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FSC - responsible forestry certificate
Click here to download our FSC certificate of registration
PEFC sustainable forest management
Click here to download our PEFC certificate of registration


We apply the principles of the waste hierarchy (re-design, reduce, reuse, recycle) to reduce the amount of waste produced by our business. Our ultimate goal is Zero Waste and we vow to help to protect the wildlife heritage of the United Kingdom

Off-cuts and briquettes

A lot of our waste is considered “off-cuts” and therefore is ideal for solid fuel burners, open fires or even kindling. We also have a briquette machine that turns the sawdust from our extraction system to briquettes suitable for solid fuel burners.

If you would like to buy the offcuts or briquettes by the bag full, please get in touch for pricing:

Continues improvements

We will review our environmental performance annually and set objectives and targets each year, which reflect our philosophy of continual improvement.

Building Safety Group

Our mission is to provide a safe working environment to prevent injury and ill health to all employees and stakeholders: clients, professionals, subcontractors, members of the public and anyone else affected by our activities, projects or services

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