When operating heavy duty machinery day to day it’s inevitable that over time you’ll become comfortable with your surroundings and equipment. Although this is a positive sign of growing in confidence, at some point or another, you might be tempted to take shortcuts, and overlook the potential dangers that the joinery machines could cause.

At Falkus Joinery, we are committed to reducing risk and protecting the welfare of our joiners. We have therefore instilled strict health and safety procedures to help prevent accidents from happening in the workplace.

Following a recent visit from the head of learning at Havering College, who were initially at the workshop to discuss the enrollment of two of their students on to our junior joinery apprenticeship scheme.

They were so impressed with our set up, that they were suddenly side tracked and felt that we could be a benefit to their tutors as well as their students. With out a moments hesitation they asked if it would be possible for a certified member of our team to deliver a safe handling machine refresher training joinery course for their tutors. We were delighted to have been asked and quickly rose to the occasion.


After some careful planning, the joinery course was developed and delivered by our senior joiner Alistair Gaskell. He has been with the workshop for five years and has more than 10+ years worth of traditional joinery experience under his belt. During this time, Alistair has demonstrated an astute attention to detail, board skill set and an unrelenting passion for the trade. Making him our number one choice for the job.

joinery course with Havering College


The purpose of the joinery course was to refresh and advance the tutors practical machine operational skill set as well as to educate the team of the importance of safe machine handling on the following machines.

  • Spindle moulder
  • mortice
  • drum sander
  • tenoner
  • dimension/sliding table saw
  • bandsaw
  • crosscut saw


After a grueling day of practical joinery training, we were very impressed with the tutor’s efforts and willingness to learn, and we are pleased to announce that they all passed with flying colours. Well done team!

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