In the workshop, our joiners are always discussing new joinery techniques and practices to help increase efficiency and boost productivity. One topic that always seems to make its way into the conversation is the desire to continually purchase new machinery.

Joiners pick

It is widely felt among the team that by doing so it will help cut lead time in half and reduce the potential for error and waste.  Although we pride ourselves in our continued investment in machinery, at times it difficult to justify upgrades when restricted by budget. So even though we can’t always have the latest shiniest new toys , it’s always important to dream big, and so we’ve created a workshop wish list of the top ten machines that we’ve got our eye on. 

LeaderMac planer moulder

This heavy duty, cast iron planer, comes fully loaded with six head pre-straightening blades, offering the user versatility. With features including: chrome bed plates, driven bed rollers, full carden drive feed system, pneumatic pressures centralised lubrication system and electronic setting to front side head/top head and beam.

2. Omec F9

Used to make parallel indents for door frames and other furniture pieces. This machine is equipped with a cutter unit and two saw units to allow the machining of 45° cut. The F9 model machine automatically single both cases and single crosspieces. The locking of the pieces takes place automatically at the beginning of each cycle. The same takes place for the release of the pieces at the end of each cycle. 

Omec F9
Vertical CNC Processing Center DRILLTEQ V-200

This versatile machine is a heavy hitter and can be used for drilling, trimming and grooving. There so much that comes packed in to this might machine, saving time, energy, and money. 

This compact spindle cutter is highly functional with a user friendly control system and is the ideal machine for any company as it provides an effective way to expand manufacturing options in trade and industry. With its individual customisation options, it is the perfect spindle cutter for a wide variety of applications.
Spindle moulder T12

The R.F. generator produces radio waves, through a pair of triode valves. it is then modified to 27 megahertz and passed down the coaxial cable to the hand gun. The electrodes on the hand gun are placed over the glue line and when the trigger on the hand gun is activated the radio waves pass into the glue line. The Radio waves vibrate the water molecules in the glue, this vibration causes heat and the heat sets off the glue, all within seconds. 

This newly upgraded tool has some special features that have left us weak at the knees. A front cover has been added to enclose the cutter chain as part of the new EU regulations and some electrical parts have been changed to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility-requirement. This tool is ideal for making mortises and notches quickly, make it the ultimate time saver.  


If you’re looking for a tool that’s both fast and effective look no further. This little pocket rocket can be used for convex and concave edges as well as straight edges, and processes ABS-, PVC- and solid wood strip edging. With a minimum inner radius of 25 mm is possible, and a fast warm up time. this ForKa is the perfect addition to any workshop.

Press structure is composed by fe 430 beams assembled and welded together. Fixed and movable platen structure composed by fe 430 beams assembled and welded together. All reference planes are machined by mean of cnc tool-machines to ensure a perfect parallelism during the final assembling of the press.

oil heated press

The Big Boy orbital sander is especially suitable for the sanding of large surfaces. Its innovative extraction system together with the UseIT abrasives gives you fast, cost saving and dust free sanding and the full processing spectrum is possible, from coarse sanding to polishing. 

The standard features of Binks MX4/32 air assisted airless & pumps position them as the premier choice for high speed surge free paint delivery. The pumps have undergone new design in pump technology utilizing patented magnetic detents to dramatically enhance smooth pump operation and change over with no pulse to provide the best “surge free” paint delivery for the perfect finish.

Binks MX 4-32 - Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Package

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round up of our top ten favorite tools. If you have any questions regarding any of our services, why not get in touch and discuss your requirements today 

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